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Do you have a friend or family member who is in need of more care and attention? You might be worried that they will end up in a permanent care facility. It’s understandable why you don’t want this because once they enter care, they do lose a lot of their independence. Almost every aspect of their lives will be controlled, and they may become less than who they used to be. Luckily, there is another possibility. You can look into in-house care services.

These are carers who visit the friend or family member in their home. These services are available at great prices that are fantastic value for money. There are plenty of advantages to using this type of care service for someone that you have been looking after or feel responsible for.

Staying Independent

One of the best advantages of an in-home care option is that your loved one still gets their independence. They get to stay in their home and continue to live their life as they normally would. The carers simply provide an extra helping hand, if and when it is necessary. Many patients prefer this type of care because their whole life is not uprooted. It also makes it easier for you because you won’t have to move them to a care facility. Or, travel to visit them there. There may not be a care facility near your local area. In this case, in-home care would be your best option.

Symptoms in Babies and Toddlers

Common symptoms in babies include:

  • Lack of eye contact 
  • Doesn’t smile 
  • Doesn’t respond when spoken to, even when their name is used 
  • Doesn’t follow moving objects with eyes 
  • Doesn’t grasp at or hold objects 
  • Doesn’t show affection 
  • Shows a lack of interest in playing 
  • Doesn’t babble or make baby talk

Freeing Up Time

If you have an in-home carer, you’ll be able to free up some of your time. Right now, you may have taken on the responsibility of looking after your friend or family member. This is taking up a lot of your time. Maybe home chores aren’t being completed or perhaps you have just lost your social life. Use a home carer and you’ll get your life back. The carer might be able to complete some of your home chores while you go out and enjoy yourself. It can take the high levels of stress away that are usually involved when you are looking after someone full time.

A Chance To Connect

If you’re constantly caring for someone, you do not always have time to interact or connect with them on a personal level. Instead, all your time is taken looking after them. You need to complete tasks such as cleaning their clothes, their home and making them dinner. There’s very little time left over in the day to sit down, talk to them and spend some real time with them. Using a carer, you’ll have this possibility. You will be able to enjoy their company again because someone else will be there completing all the busy work.

Specialised Support

Lastly, you may be looking after someone with special needs like Dementia or Autism. If that’s the case, you can not hand off the responsibility to anyone. If you need time off, you need to find someone who is trained in understanding these types of conditions. Looking for a service such as Ashford, Kent Home Care, will ensure that you get the expertise and training in a carer that you need.

Don’t waste any more time trying to do everything yourself. Help is only a phone call away and can give you and your loved one the quality life that you deserve.

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